• What is LEGOLAND New York Resort?

    LEGOLAND New York Resort is a unique theme park and hotel destination for kids ages 2-12 and their families, all built around LEGO bricks! We’re taking the very best of our sister LEGOLAND Resorts in California, Florida and around the world, and adding exciting new attractions to build the ultimate family destination!

  • What Will I Find There?

    You’ll find more than 50 interactive rides, shows and attractions, allowing kids and their families to spend a whole day together exploring eight different LEGO themed “lands” – or even a few days if you stay at our 250-room LEGOLAND Hotel. (It’s fully LEGO themed and just steps away from the Park!)

  • Who Can Go?

    While our Resort will be designed primarily for kids ages 2-12, guests of all ages are welcome!

  • Where is it Located?

    The Resort is being built in Goshen, New York, about 60 miles northwest of New York City.

  • How Big Will It Be?

    Our full site is more than 500 acres. The Resort will initially occupy 150 acres, making it the largest LEGOLAND ever built by Merlin Entertainments Group.

  • When Will it Open?

    LEGOLAND New York Resort will open in spring 2020.

  • How is LEGOLAND New York Resort Different from LEGOLAND Discovery Center?

    LEGOLAND New York Resort is a unique indoor/outdoor theme park destination for families, with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions and a LEGO themed hotel for an immersive LEGO experience!

    A LEGOLAND Discovery Center is the ultimate indoor LEGO playground, with a number of fun LEGO themed play spaces for kids age 3-10 and their families.

  • How Much Will it Cost to Build?

    Merlin is investing $500 million in LEGOLAND New York Resort - $350 million of it by opening day in 2020, and the other $150 million for future development. This will be the largest investment Merlin Entertainments has made in a single Resort to date.

  • How Many Jobs Will it Bring?

    LEGOLAND New York Resort plans to hire more than 1,000 Model Citizens by opening day.

  • How Can I Find Out More About LEGOLAND New York Resort?

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