• *LEGOLAND Gold Pass (formerly named Merlin Annual Pass Standard) includes LEGOLAND Water Park blackout dates. 2019 Season blackout dates are all Saturdays and Sundays from July 6 – August 11, 2019.
  • ** LEGOLAND Platinum Pass Members (formerly named Merlin Annual Pass Premium) and Ambassador Members receive FREE admission to Brick-or-Treat Party Nights. A separate paid event ticket will be required for entry into Brick-or-Treat Party Nights for all LEGOLAND Gold and Silver Annual Pass Members (formerly named Merlin Annual Pass Standard and LEGOLAND California Pass) and Play Pass holders. Current Membership ID must be shown at time of wristband redemption. Play Pass and Birthday Pass Holders are not eligible for free or Member discounted admission to Party Nights.
  • ***Members must book in advance to receive savings. Visit for details and reservations. Current active Membership card will be needed upon check in. No Expired Membership ID cards or same day discounts will be accepted. Blackout dates apply.
  • Membership does not guarantee admission during periods of high attendance. Blackout dates, benefits, Park hours, events, prices, and days of operation are subject to change without notice.
  • LEGOLAND Pass Members agree to the above benefits and conditions of the purchased Membership type as set forth by LEGOLAND California Resort. LEGOLAND reserves the right to add, delete, or modify policies without notice. The merchandise discount may not be applied to sale items, ride photography, or the purchase of LEGOLAND dollars and gift cards. Only the assigned LEGOLAND Membership holder may redeem the optional Parking Pass benefit.
  • Terms and Conditions; Rules and Regulations:By purchasing a Membership at LEGOLAND California Resort, you agree to be bound by LEGOLAND Annual Pass and LEGOLAND California Resort's Terms and Conditions and any other rules and regulations applicable to the use of the Passes as LEGOLAND may determine from time to time. Annual Passes are valid for one year from the Pass ID issue date and may be renewed at the Park or online at LEGOLAND Pass Monthly Memberships continue on a month-to-month basis after the minimum term of 12 months is met. To cancel after the 12 month commitment see “Cancellation” below.
  • Some areas or venues at LEGOLAND California Resort may be closed due to inclement weather, annual maintenance, special events, private parties or educational programs. Food or beverages may not be brought onto LEGOLAND California Resort premises. Exceptions are made for infants and those with special medical needs. The Passes are non-transferrable and the purchase price of the Passes is non-refundable. Lost or stolen receipts cannot be replaced. Holders of the Passes agree to obey all posted rules and instructions of the LEGOLAND California Resort and all verbal instructions of LEGOLAND Model Citizens. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Revocation:The Passes provide you with revocable privileges which may be changed or cancelled by LEGOLAND at any time without notice. By means of example only and without limiting LEGOLAND California's right to revoke any or all of the Passes for other reasons, if you or anyone for whom you have purchased a Pass under this Contract uses a Pass for commercial purposes, whether within or outside LEGOLAND California Resort, or engages in activity which LEGOLAND in its sole discretion deems to be improper, including without limitation vandalism, fighting or rowdy behavior on LEGOLAND California Resort property, then the Pass held by the holder who has engaged in such behavior will be subject to immediate revocation. Each Pass is non-transferrable and will also be revoked if presented by anyone other than the named Pass holder. LEGOLAND will either continue to collect all unpaid amounts due under this Contract as set forth herein, including all amounts due with respect to the revoked Pass, or declare the entire unpaid balance due under this Contract immediately due and payable.
    • Suspension:If you or anyone for whom you have purchased a Pass under this Contract is suspected of violating any provision of this Contract, any of the Membership Terms and Conditions or any other rules, regulations or policies, LEGOLAND may suspend the Pass held by such person or persons on a month-to-month basis subject to LEGOLAND California's investigation of the alleged violation. LEGOLAND will continue to collect all monthly payments due under this Contract, including the monthly payment for the Pass holder whose Pass has been suspended, during any such period of suspension. Upon the conclusion of the investigation and depending upon the findings of such investigation, the suspended Pass will either be reinstated and extended to cover the period during which such Pass was suspended, reinstated without extension for the suspension period, or immediately revoked. In any event, LEGOLAND will continue to collect all amounts due under this Contract as set forth herein.
    • Customer Service Inquiries:For customer service please call LEGOLAND at760-786-0034 or direct email correspondence to:
    • Cancellation: To cancel some or all of your Passes after the initial twelve (12) month term of the Monthly Pay Contract, please follow the directions below:
  • –For Monthly Passes purchased  on or after July 10, 2019  you may find the cancellation form at

    –For Monthly  Passes purchased  before July 10, 2019  call LEGOLAND at 760-786-0034 or direct email correspondence to: with your account and request details.

  • –For Monthly  Passes purchased  on or after July 10, 2019  logon to your account at to provide  another payment card account.

    –For Monthly Passes purchased  before July 10, 2019 call LEGOLAND at 760-786-0034 or direct email correspondence to: with another payment card account or to pay the full amount due within thirty (30) days. If the full amount due under this Contract becomes due at any time, such final payment will be automatically charged to your payment account.

  • Automatic Payments on a Monthly Pay Pass Membership: As a condition of the Monthly Pay contract, you agree to have all payments due under the Contract automatically deducted from your payment card (debit or credit). Your payment shall be automatically charged to that account on approximately the day set forth in your contract. If there is not enough credit in your payment card account to cover this payment, it shall be up to you to provide LEGOLAND access to another payment card account.

    • Mailings – LEGOLAND Pass Member Newsletter, LEGO Club Magazines, Monthly eNewsletters...etc. All LEGOLAND Pass Members will receive direct mail and emails from time to time. These are limited to one per household, no exceptions. Please email: experience@LEGOLAND.comto update your address or to sign-up to receive our mailings.
    • LEGOLAND Gold and Platinum Passes (formerly named Merlin Annual Pass North America)
      To find website links to the 30+ Magical Worlds of Merlin North American attraction sites that offer admission with your Membership Pass click  here.