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Safety measures: In response to the  Covid-19 pandemic, we have introduced specific safety measures at each of our Attractions in an effort to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of persons visiting our Attractions. A full list of safety measures being taken at our Attraction will be made available on the website. 

Visitor requirementsThe safety measures put in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are there to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of all guests visiting our Attraction. It is in the interest of everyone at our Attraction to comply with the safety measures that have been put in place. Therefore, should an individual not comply with these safety measures, we reserve the right to require that individual to leave the Attraction in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of risk: The safety measures that are being and have been introduced are intended to minimise the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus but this risk cannot be completely eradicated.  Therefore, anyone visiting our Attractions acknowledge that they do so at their own risk.


CARLSBAD, CA (Wednesday, June 17th, 2020) -- An underwater voyage awaits as SEA LIFE® Aquarium at LEGOLAND® California Resort is officially reopening on June 20, 2020.

After being closed for months, the more than 4,000 sea animals inside the aquarium built for kids and families are eagerly awaiting visitors! It’s been an exciting time for the SEA LIFE family as we’ve welcomed baby cuttlefish and await the birth of ocean tank baby horn sharks. Guests can explore the 200,000-gallon ocean tank as they walk below sharks, rays, tropical fish and other sea animals and learn about bioluminescent tides at Sea at Night.

As guests and employees’ health and safety remain the top priority at LEGOLAND® California Resort, guests will experience some differences at the aquarium including reduced capacity, cashless payments, social distancing practices and enhanced cleaning regimes. SEA LIFE is encouraging guests to purchase tickets in advance to reserve access to the aquarium for their desired dates and time to visit. Face coverings will be required for all guests and the staff.


Operations Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

SEA LIFE Carlsbad is taking all possible steps to continue to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests, staff and creatures as needed. This includes implementing enhanced cleaning regimens throughout the area, face covers worn by staff and increased cleaning and sanitizing of stations. Hand sanitizing stations will also be available, and our staff are washing their hands thoroughly on a regular regimen. We will also be limiting capacity per government restrictions.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, please do not visit the attraction if you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, living with someone who is or feeling ill. Please read the FAQ fully to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit.


How will social distancing measures be enforced? 

Guests will be guided with directional markings, allowing them to better distance themselves while exploring the attraction. Our employees will also remind guests to maintain a respectful distance when necessary.

Staff members and guests are required to wear face coverings while visiting the aquarium and retail shop; except for children 2 and under. See our face coverings FAQs for more information on these requirements.

Restrooms on the 2nd floor will be limited to 2 families at one time. Please maintain social distancing for the safety of all.

What measures are you taking to ensure no one visiting is sick?

All staff and guests will have their temperature taken with a no contact device before being allowed into the aquarium or retail shop. Anyone with a fever will not be able to visit the aquarium on that day.

Will the restaurant be open?

Ocean Journey Café will not be open at this time. Snacks and grab-n-go items will be available for sale at the retail shop on the first floor.

Will all attraction offerings be open? 

Due to additional safety measures, changes in operation may result in limited access to certain offerings, we will offer guest access to as many features of the attraction as possible. 

What attractions or offerings are currently closed? 

As an added safety measure the following attractions and/or interactive elements are temporarily closed: 

  • Slide
  • Shipwreck Theater
  • Educational Talks
  • Feeding Demonstration
  • Ocean Journey Cafe


What if I have unused tickets but they are expired now? 

If you have purchased tickets for the dates when we were closed, you may use these tickets for any future date through December 31, 2020. Pre-booking a date and time slot is needed to ensure your spot and avoid disappointment.

Please go to our tickets page to pre-book a date and time. Choose the icon for booking only, not admission. This will ensure your spot and avoid any disappointment.

Can I purchase tickets at the aquarium?

To combat the spread of COVID-19, admission tickets will not be available for sale at the aquarium. Tickets must be purchased in advance at our tickets page. Pre-booking a date and time is needed, so you will be prompted during your purchase to pick a date and time for your visit. Due to capacity limitations, you must have a booked date and time in order to visit the aquarium.

What if I did not buy tickets before I arrive? Can I still visit the aquarium?

Admission tickets will not be available for sale at the aquarium. Due to capacity limitations, you may not be able to visit. Therefore, we highly recommend not arriving without pre-booking, as to avoid disappointment.

If, however there is an open slot of time, we can let you know and you may then purchase tickets from the LEGOLAND App on your phone, and reserve that slot of time as well.

How soon should I arrive on my day of visit?

We ask that you try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your pre-booked time slot.

What if I visit with my Hopper ticket, which includes admission to LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE? 

If your Hopper ticket includes admission to SEA LIFE Carlsbad, you may use that ticket to visit. Note however that by doing so the visit counts as your one-day visit and another visit to SEA LIFE would require another admission fee.

Be sure to go online at our SEA LIFE reservation page to pre-book a date and time. Choose the icon for booking only, not admission. This will ensure your spot and avoid any disappointment.

Do we need to pay for parking?

From now until LEGOLAND California is open, parking will be free to those who visit SEA LIFE Carlsbad.


Can I visit SEA LIFE with my membership card? 

If your valid Membership includes SEA LIFE, you may visit with us now until LEGOLAND California is open without reactivating your Membership. Your Membership however will be reactivated when LEGOLAND reopens, and your extended months will be added at that time.

You will need to bring your valid Membership card and ID with you to show staff when you arrive at the aquarium entrance. You are also required to go online at our SEA LIFE reservations page and pre-book a date and time slot. Choose the icon for booking only, not admission. This will ensure your spot and avoid any disappointment.

I have the Membership Monthly Pay. If I visit SEA LIFE now will I be charged for June or July?

If you are a current, valid Monthly Pay Member, you will not be charged for June or July 2020 and may visit SEA LIFE Carlsbad. Once LEGOLAND opens, your Membership will be reactivated at that time and you will continue to be billed per the terms of your contract.

You will need to bring your valid Membership card and ID with you to show staff when you arrive at the aquarium entrance. You are also required to go online at our SEA LIFE reservations page and pre-book a date and time slot. Choose the icon for booking only, not admission. This will ensure your spot and avoid any disappointment.



Peace of Mind Policy for new LEGOLAND® CALIFORNIA Bookings & Annual Pass Purchases

LEGOLAND® California Resort is built for kids. Our vacations, including LEGOLAND theme park, water parks, SEA LIFE® Aquarium and onsite hotels, are built for families. That means we are in the business of making it as easy as possible for you to build your memories with us. For that reason, we have launched our “Peace of Mind Policy” for booking vacation packages and for our existing Annual Passholders and ticket holders.

You can continue to book your LEGOLAND California vacation with the peace of mind that there is the option to change your hotel or vacation package reservation at a later date without incurring a fee. For our new Annual Passholders, we want you to join our passholder family with the opportunity to redeem and launch your year with us during an extended period of time. You can now visit our theme park up to 90 days after your purchase to activate your new annual pass. This gives you the peace of mind that you can plan for the rest of the season with more flexibility.

For our existing Annual Passholders, we will be extending the validity of your pass or, in the case of our Annual Passholders using monthly pay, your pass payments will be on hold as of April 1 until we are able to welcome you and your families back to experience our parks. For Guests who have a dated ticket that is valid during our closure dates, we will be extending the validity window of your ticket through the end of the year so that you have the flexibility to visit us later in the year.

We want you to have the most fun vacation ever—starting with your LEGOLAND California vacation planning experience with us.  With the Peace of Mind planning, we hope to make it a little easier for your family to assemble the pieces of your next vacation so we can build those fun, exciting and special memories together.

The Peace of Mind Policy applies to new LEGOLAND® California Vacation Packages & new LEGOLAND California Annual Pass purchases made during the closure period:
The relaxation of our commercial policy regarding rebooking fees (fees associated with hotel/package reservation date changes after booking) is available to guests that book a LEGOLAND Vacation package between March 9, 2020 and through the remaining closure period.  Reservations can be rebooked by 3 P.M. Pacific Time a minimum of 5 days before the scheduled arrival date (listed on the reservation confirmation). Rebooking options will be based on availability. This policy applies only to reservations made directly through LEGOLAND® Vacations.  If your travel plans were arranged by a third-party, including travel agents, travel-booking websites, or other businesses independent of LEGOLAND® Parks and Resorts or LEGOLAND® Vacations, please contact those suppliers directly to understand their policies and any applicable fees for changing a reservation.

The Peace of Mind Policy applies to existing LEGOLAND California Annual Passholders and LEGOLAND California tickets purchased for closure dates during the closure period:
All active Annual Passholders, who are not currently enrolled in Monthly Pay, will receive an extension of one month for every month that the Park is closed based on the valid dates for their existing pass. All active Monthly Pay Passholders will have their monthly payments suspended starting April 1, 2020 until the Park reopens. Specific regarding the pass extensions and/or reinstatement of the monthly payments for specific pass types will be updated upon announcement of a reopening date for LEGOLAND California Resort.  Regular Annual Pass terms & conditions apply per pass type as outlined in the terms & conditions specific to each pass type.

Any unused tickets that were valid for specific dates during the announced closure period (excludes FLEX tickets) commencing March 16 through to reopening will be valid to use as regular admission on any valid day (based on the ticket type purchased) for the rest of 2020, upon reopening, with no additional fee. Regular terms & conditions for tickets, as outlined during purchase, still apply.

Additional Instructions and Clarifications below:

LEGOLAND Vacations and LEGOLAND Hotel Guests

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to temporarily close our Resort and, since the temporary closing of the Resort is due to circumstances beyond our control, we are currently rescheduling all existing LEGOLAND Vacations reservations for dates August 1, 2020 onwards.  Subject to change if the Resort has not been permitted by Government authorities to reopen by that time.

If you have made a reservation through LEGOLAND Vacations and have an arrival date through July 31, 2020, you will receive an email from us at least 5 days prior to your scheduled arrival. The email will provide details and instructions on your booking options. It will arrive in your inbox from

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing heavy call volume and prioritizing guests with arrivals within the next 5 days. We ask that you use the contact options in the email referenced above for the most expedited service from our team. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

LEGOLAND Day Ticket Holders
Tickets Purchased online at

For guests who have unused LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park tickets that are dated or expire within the impacted period, expiration dates have been automatically extended until December 31, 2020 to allow flexibility for use.

For guests who have purchased the 5 Days for the Price of 1 Day ticket offer, the expiration date of these tickets have been automatically extended with a new expiration date of December 30, 2020 with first visit having to have occurred by December 25, 2020.

Tickets Purchased from a Third Party (Not purchased directly from LEGOLAND):
Ticket expiration dates are usually valid for up to one year. Please contact the third-party vendor where purchased directly for any questions or concerns.

COSTCO Buddy Tickets + Play Pass Redemption
Unused Buddy Ticket expiration dates have been extended to visit through December 25, 2020 with the following Blackout dates:

- Weekends in July and early August including:

  • 7/4-7/5
  • 7/11 – 7/12
  • 7/18 -7/19
  • 7/25-7/26
  • 8/1-8/2
  • 8/8-8/9
  • 8/15-8/16

Labor Day Weekend- 9/5-9/7:
Thanksgiving Weekend (11/26-11/29)

Play Pass redemption deadline has been extended to August 30th, 2020.

San Diego Go Card
Please direct all inquiries to whom and where you purchased your Go Cards from or visit:

School Groups, Youth Groups and Scouts
We will work with your group on changes to your reservations for those who have reservations during the impacted period of February 1, 2020 through to reopening).

Please call our Groups Call Center at 760-438-5346. Available 7 Days a week, 7am – 3pm PST. We anticipate high call volumes over the next few days and appreciate your patience as our team works through all inquiries.

VIP Experiences
We will work with your VIP group on changes to your reservations for those who have reservations during the impacted period of February 1, 2020 through to reopening.

Please do contact us at when we re-open and someone will assist you with moving your reservation.

Existing LEGOLAND Annual Passes, Monthly Pay Memberships, and Play Pass Holders*
All active Annual Pass Members and Play Pass Holders, who are not currently enrolled in Monthly Pay, will receive an extension in monthly increments depending on the amount of time LEGOLAND California is closed.

All active Monthly Pay Pass Members in good standing will have their April and May monthly payments suspended. There may be further adjustments depending on how long LEGOLAND California is closed.

Please click here to see all annual pass FAQ's.